Small business experience,
rural Arkansas values

Arkansas Heritage! Arkansas Values! Arkansas' Future!

“I am running for Representative because I believe that our area should be represented by someone with Arkansas values and heritage. I want to make a difference for our children and grandchildren. My involvement in business, civic activities and the political process has prepared me to represent our area and our values in the legislature.”
Conservative, Bruce Coleman has a blueprint for a better Arkansas!
  • Cut red tape on small businesses so they can grow and hire more workers
  • Fight Obama's EPA and their job crushing policies
  • Support greater local control of our schools
  • Oppose Obamacare
  • Support laws to crackdown on illegal immigration
  • Oppose a gasoline tax increase
  • Pro-life, pro-gun, and supports traditional marriage
Small business experience, rural Arkansas values
"I'll fight for our rural Arkansas values"

Raising cows on his farm near Mountainburg since 1974

Election Day: November 8th
Early Voting begins October 24th

Bruce Coleman for
Arkansas State Representative District 81

Small Business Experience, rural Arkansas values

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